Abuot us

Arnika Tobacco Company. is a collection of people who are specialized in tobacco products of  hookah and cigarette that is equipped with very advanced tools and devices , and produces and delivers different products with the new technology among other brands products to bring new experiences and senses for dear consumers.

Arnica charcoal produces charcoal with new press machines in new processes that prevents headaches and changes in taste and the smell of  hookah for this reason will create a new taste and a sense of excellence in choice. Arnica products are exported all over the country and is accessible in all stores because it will give the Primacy to customers in the competitive market. The technology used in the process of manufacturing Arnica’s products is advanced that is used in the most equipped countries . Different devices are used in it, so it produces unique products without the use of chemicals, that it is impossible to distinguish it without using them.



Products :

Tobacco with tastes of apple / Orange / Orange Cream / Mint/ Lemon / Apple / Strawberry / Grapes / Rose / Watermelon / Cherry/ Peaches / Some Fruit / grape berries / Mango / Blueberry / Chewing gum / Mint oranges / Creamy berries / Mint gum / Mint lemon / Watermelon mint /Ice / Black cherry / Gum Cinnamon / Bluarma / Mint berries / Wine //


In all kinds of shear and ingots

Various types of hoses that are used once of  hookah in different and various colors

Various types of glass body hookah in different designs and sizes

Various types of colored light electric hookah with control

Various types of classic trays of  hookah and tobacco products

Products Description:

Arnica tobacco is produced using the most modern technologies of the world and using the most advanced devices and due to the equipping in its production, no chemicals or harmful substances are used. So this matter prevents headaches and changing the taste and smell of hookah, and will create an enjoyable experience of using Tobacco for dear and loved people.

Arnica Tobacco is exported to all around the world as a unique product and  is available in stores across the country.

Arnica charcoal:

It is produced in a unique process, with the use of the most equipped devices and new technology that produces a different amount of charcoal from wood (as compared to similar brand names) Natural charcoal due to the existence of Strong press machines and without using harmful chemicals that prevent giving taste and problems such as headaches and has allocated a special place in sales to itself. Arnica charcoal is available at stores throughout the country and is exported to other countries.

Arnica Hookah :


Arnica Collection is a manufacturer of types of glass hookahs in  classic and beautiful designs in different sizes(Large medium small size, as well as traveler and pocket) and glass hookahs are prettier and more healthy than the other wooden and metal hookahs , which minimizes the possibility of infiltration of bacteria and germs . In fact in their body due to the cause of the glass is less likely to penetrate microbes and respiratory disease, and they are easier to wash and instruments to treat and maintain them are more accessible.

Arnica Company is the manufacturer of the most unique colorful / light electric hookahs. These hookahs are advanced and diverse and have special features, such as the ability to change the color of light (more than ten different colors) adjustable to change the light at a specific timing and change the light color rate (light or dark) and the ability to convert to glass simple and even decorative hookahs that, all of these cases can be set by control.

Arnica’s collection is the manufacturer of a variety of hygiene and special  once used hoses in various colors and even additional products .

What is arnica ? Who are we?

Arnica collection is an advanced collection with the presence of expert and resourceful people in the field of producing tobacco ,hookah , Charcoal and similar products . This collection was formed after many years of experience, gain the skill and collecting skilled and large group and began to produce products in a special field with a different process.

The purpose of this collection is to create a new definition of quality and appeasement, to bring an experience of excellence and a new sense for consumers of Tobacco and hookahs, and record a new definition to describe the fun of hookahs and tobacco in the world.

A purpose that had been successful so far according to customer’s opinion. This collection thinks with sales service presenting to the welfare of consumers. Arnica’s products is a more successful exporter of goods exports to other countries. Arnica’s products are available in reputable stores across the country.

Arnica uses advanced and special technology in producing the products in a new process, and experience of expert people of collection and super-advanced equipment have brought the products without any complications and healthier and different for the world.

Arnica’s name and logo have the Arnica name symbol meaning the name of a kind of flower known as mountain tobaccos, which is a beautiful and yellow color flower and it is called the mountainous Calendula persica. Arnika is an international name that is in Persian language in the meaning of Nik Ariyaie and is rooted on Aryan origin. In Arabic is called Dakan al-Foj and Khaneqh al-Fahd, and it is called Anrica in the language of English and French and German .